About Paul Allender

I studied Fine Art in Hull between 1976 and 1979. Since 2013 I have been a full-time painter. My work responds to my life experiences: moments; events; emotions; thoughts; memories, my identities; hopes; desires; fears; anxieties and dreams. I attempt to avoid creating an illusion of any kind.

I have three working processes for beginning paintings. The first is to have an idea and to execute it - the clearest example of this is my Waste Land paintings inspired by the poem of the same name by T.S. Eliot. Four of the nine paintings in this series are on this site. The second approach to beginning a painting is to simply make a mark and then another one which responds to the first one etc. There are lots of examples of this on this site. The third process is a combination of the other two and this applies to the 'figurative' paintings I've done in the latter part of 2019 and early 2020. The main formal aim throughout all three is to combine abstraction and figuration.

In 2018-19 I  studied on a Turps Banana painting correspondence course.


I come from a working-class background in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Solo exhibitions

2016 - Animals & Other Things, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.

2008 - Hearts, The Tin Angel, Coventry.

Group exhibitions

2018 - Ineffable Spaces, joint exhibition with Foster Michiodiaa-Ayler, The Holt, Sheffield.

2018 - South Yorkshire Open Art exhibition, Old Market Gallery, Rotherham.

2017 - What remains? (New Territory) What is there?, joint exhibition with Foster Michiodiaa-Ayler, Emit Gallery, Rotherham.

2015 - Odd Fellows, joint exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.

2014 - First Birthday exhibition, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.

2014 - Ashes, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.